Keeping the tradition alive

Manufacturing Denim Since 1990

Elizabeth Bae and Claudia Bae Kye, founders of 1denim and second generation to their family’s denim factory, have been immersed in the industry since they were able to walk. From spending weekends in their Los Angeles factory to helping their mom make samples at home, their time consumed in the industry eventually grew into a love for the craft. Through the years, the Bae’s have manufactured denim for some of the biggest names in fashion, equipping Elizabeth and Claudia with all the knowledge necessary to become artisans of quality denim.

Their background in manufacturing and experiences with retailers made them realize that there is a timeless demand for denim products and a strong need for more honest pricing for premium denim. Elizabeth and Claudia disagreed with the high markups to consumers and were motivated to find a more candid method of providing premium quality denim without the extravagant price tags. They found their solution in 1denim.

WHY 1Denim

1denim has its foundation strongly rooted in the city of Los Angeles and is 100% constructed in our own factory.

We pride ourselves on our family-like environment and integrity in service.

We strive to offer honest pricing and quality products.