1denim's Mission Statement

To produce premium denim without the steep markups that take advantage of the customer, followed by the promise to continue the family tradition and keep all denim manufacturing at home, right here in Los Angeles.

With this in mind, the 1dentifiers community was born. All part of the local community, our 1dentifiers believe denim is timeless and universal, down to the design, construction, and functionality of each piece. From the suitcases of a traveling film maker to the closet of a fashionista, each pair of 1denim jeans tells the story of the 1dentifier. We are a community that knows we shouldn’t have to settle for quality that is underwhelming or overpay for what is labeled as premium.

The 1dentifiers’ support of this community extends outside of the brand itself and they take pride in that 1denim products are being made in Los Angeles. With a vertical manufacturing factory right in our own neighborhood, 1denim can support the local economy, create jobs, and continue telling your story.

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