The Theory behind

Our Flagship Store

for your denim needs

Located right next to the Americana at Brand, in Glendale, California, our flagship store brings the 1denim experience to a full circle. Our store enables a sense of exploration and discovery, providing a way for customers to touch, feel, and try on our products.

At our store, you can meet face-to-face with our knowledgeable 1denim associates to address any questions or specific needs you may have.

We understand the need to find something for everyone. We provide styles and fits from the youngest person in the household, to those who can appreciate the classics. We are denim experts with decades of experience in the industry so we can help guide you on your search for the perfect jeans.

We aim to educate through a hands-on learning experience. We offer exclusive monthly events held at our store to show how you can design and destruct denim to fit your unique personality. Sign up with your email below and we will forward an invitation to make sure you don't miss out!

We are more than just a denim store. Experience our in-store café and outdoor lounge area where you can enjoy our locally roasted specialty coffees and handcrafted chocolates. Through our store, we aim to share our love and passion for denim, coffee, and chocolates.

127 S. Brand Blvd.
Glendale CA, 91204

Blend Profile

Coffee by 1denim


  • The Move

    Fruity, Brown sugar, Milky

    • Origins: Colombia, Ethiopia
    • Roasting Point: City (Light Roast)
    • Direct Trade
  • The Plot

    Heavy body, Earthy, Wild fruit

    • Origins: Sumatra, Brazil, Ethiopia
    • Roasting Point: Full City (medium roast)
    • Direct Trade
  • The Natives

    Black cherry, Dark chocolate, Vintage wine

    • Origins: Ethiopia’s
    • Roasting Point: City & Full city (medium light roast)
    • Direct Trade
  • Top of mind

    (Single Origin) – Stone fruit, Juicy, strawberry

    • Origins: Ethiopia Drima Zede Natural
    • Roasting Point: Full city (medium roast)


chocolates by 1denim


  • The Move

    European Style Milk Chocolate

    • 38% Cacao Masse
    • 20% Milk Solid
    • 35% Sugar
  • The Plot

    Belgian Style Dark Chocolate - made with Ecuadorian Cacao

    • 70% Cacao Masse
    • 30% Cane Sugar
  • The Natives

    Cacao Crunch Medley - made with specially blended Cacao

    • 60% Cacao Nibs
    • 40% Cane Sugar
  • Top of mind

    Single Origin Crafted Dark Chocolate - made with Venezuelan Cacao

    • 70% Pure Organic Cacao
    • 30% Organic Sugar