It is okay for a guy to own just a few jackets but the pieces should be timeless and classic. One of the must-haves of every guy in his closet is denim jackets. This has become a male favorite clothing piece because it is manly and casual. It is effortless to wear and men who can pull off a great looking denim jacket look absolutely cool. Since pieces of denim can last for ages, you know that they are a great investment. If you don't own one yet, all you need is to jumpstart your shopping by checking The site is all about denim - including options for shirts and jackets so you can be sure that we got you covered.

If you have the body of an athlete, having all the muscles is awesome but it would also mean that dressing up could be challenging. When it comes to wearing jackets, wearing the wrong fit could make you look even bigger. Forget about flaunting all the muscles as they can stay hidden beneath all your clothes when you end up wearing something that just doesn't feel right. Good thing offers jackets that are especially suited for muscular men so no need to worry.

Any athletic guy can definitely pull off a denim jacket regardless of the season as long as he knows how to style it. For not so cold days in the fall, it is best to keep the denim jacket open, with a basic round neck shirt underneath. It can also be worn as is, like an outerwear when going out for casual days. If you opt to layer it, one of the nicest ways is to add texture in between layers. Plaids or checkered can be paired with denim. Knitted vests and sweaters can also be a great match to a denim jacket.

You can be a little bold and try an ongoing trend in fashion - denim on denim. If you are still uncomfortable with this look, try the light, and dark denim combination. A denim jacket can also be paired with a leather jacket or coat. For laid back and casual days at the office, a denim jacket can even replace the blazer. There are so many ways to style this classic piece – saying that it is a must-have is really an understatement.

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