Being thin can be a problem at times. Compared to big sizes, clothes for thin men are not always available. It is challenging for skinny men to find clothes that fit them well. There are cases wherein clothes look too big when worn. If you are one of those thin guys, there is just no excuse because there are so many ways to look great in your clothes despite having a skinny body. All you need to do is know your proportions and which body parts to highlight or to emphasize. Next is to spend time choosing items of clothing that will compliment your body type.  

When it comes to fashion, it is wise to invest in items to mix and match. Stick with the basics to easily pair with anything found your closet. One of the essential things to own is denim. For slim men, there are plenty of options when it comes to styles and cuts. will show different types of jeans to add to your collection.

View 1 Denim's jeans collection for slim men. There are several options for denim pants – slim, straight, and tapered cuts. If you are confident with denim that flatteringly hugs your figure, go for a slim cut pair. Hollywood is rocking slim fit jeans in the past couple of years and is worn by stars from all ages like Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Russel Brand, and Kanye West. For a more comfortable and basic fit, opt for the straight cut because it can be worn every occasion and every season. Straight cut pair of jeans is tried and tested for its comfort and style. Want a combination of both? Pick a tapered fit that is not too tight except for the snug fit in the ankles area.

1 Denim is not all about the pants. Shop for shirts+jackets that would fit guys with a slim figure. Looking to purchase items that will fit your budget? Browse through the brand’s sale items. There are truly so many great items to choose from here at All the products are specially created for you.

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