Hollywood celebrities are photographed each time they go out whether it is for red carpet events or a quick run to the gym or the coffee house. One of the most noticeable trends for star’s casual days is denim jeans – specifically boyfriend jeans. Hollywood is rocking this loose and relaxed denim pants. The wearer exudes a cute and boyish charm. They are so chic and feminine in every way. When you wear them, it is like telling the world that “hey, I’m all chill and I am enjoying the weekend vibe.” This denim cut is that awesome.

If you are still wondering why this cut is called boyfriend jeans, the answer is simple – it looks as if it is borrowed from the boys because of its slouchy and relaxed fit. The style looks as if it tailored for a guy, but it will not look as if you are wearing your man’s clothes. The fit is loose – something menswear-inspired but can still be all feminine.

1Denim.com is the best place to go shopping for boyfriend jeans, mainly if you’ve never owned a pair. It has a collection made especially for slim ladies. Do you have days wherein you want to be all comfortable and just be in your sweatpants the whole day? You can do precisely this with boyfriend jeans, but of course, it would look so much presentable in public versus the sweatpants. No wonder this is an instant favorite of women who get to wear them for the first time.

If you are feeling uncomfortable about looking too boyish, there are some ways to still look feminine in boyfriend jeans. This type of denim cut seems so great with high heels. You can match your boyfriend jeans with a fancy top, a clutch bag, and your heels. Others contrast the boyfriend jeans with a girly top. You can pair the pants with a lace top or a pastel blouse with ruffles. A peplum t-shirt or a floral top will also match with boyfriend jeans well. When you want to have a relaxed look especially when you just have an ordinary brunch with friends, you can pair your boyfriend jeans with your go-to sweater and ballet flats. A t-shirt, white sneakers, and boyfriend jeans combination is also an excellent ensemble for casual days during the summer or fall.

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