When you have an awesome and athletic body, it is so tempting to wear the smallest shirts or the skinniest pants so you can show the world your body. All the hours spent on the gym will not go unnoticed when one wear outfits that emphasize them. However, there are also times wherein super small clothes do not compliment the appearance. It might look like you are wearing a small size that does not look great at all. These days, there are a lot of available pieces for men in all shapes and forms, including those who have muscles.

When it comes to wearing pants, jeans are always a good idea. Wearing a great pair of denim with a perfect fit not only gives you a sense of comfort but it makes you feel good and confident at the same time. 1Denim.com is a great place to start for a muscular and athletic man who is thinking of getting a nice pair of pants. It is just awesome that brands like 1Denim.com offer items that are made to fit gym buffs, CrossFit addicts, and basically guys who make time to build their muscles

If you are one of those muscular guys who doesn't like to draw attention to bulging muscles here and there, the perfect pair of pants are straight cut jeans. Muscular men have bigger legs and thighs. Out of all the types of jeans, a straight cut is one of the most comfortable because it is straight from thighs to ankles.  For those with big calves, the straight jeans would also be the best option for you. Having straight jeans would not necessarily mean it would be all loose and baggy. As long as the fit is right, you can be sure that it will look great.

Wearing straight jeans is also the best choice when for those who will do a lot of things like running errands or going to a few places for long hours. Good fitting jeans will allow you to move freely and bend without hesitation. The best thing about straight cut jeans is that it doesn't matter if it is dark or light washed since it is easy to pair them with anything in your closet. Avoid styling it with anything tight because you want to be comfortable in your outfit.
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